My Heart Never Lies is a bilingual children’s book inspired by the surprisingly profound words of a five-year-old girl. Moved by the simplicity and depth of her daughter’s explanation for what drives us to be good or bad, Nathalie Trépanier, a former journalist, vowed to share the message with a wider audience. A talented Ottawa artist, Jennifer Nicol, drew the illustrations and helped the same child who inspired the story paint the illustrations with water colours. The book, which is geared toward children between the ages of four and six, not only offers a powerful message through a charming story, it is testament that children have their own lessons to impart and that they can have an influential voice. The book is meant to empower children to be good, to be heard and to be a positive influence. My Heart Never Lies will also shortly be available as a mobile app thanks to Authorly.

Early praise for My Heart Never Lies

“In this simple yet timeless story, a young girl discovers that her actions will only be guided by kindness if she listens to her heart. Inspired by the author’s own daughter, this bilingual picture-book CARRIES AN IMPORTANT AND HEART-WARMING MESSAGE for children and parents alike.”
-Kate Jaimet,  Author of the award-nominated Dunces  Anonymous

“A whimsical look at the wonder and innocence of childhood. This storybook will MELT YOUR HEART.”
-Nicole Gravel-Blauer

“Wishing you Nathalie Trepanier every success with your BRILLIANT IDEA!!!”

-Christie Brinkley (Facebook post)

“My heart never lies” is a great children’s book because it really shows kids the value of honesty. The positive moral message and WONDERFUL WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS WILL LEAVE YOU INSPIRED! I really enjoyed reading it as an adult.”
-David Walters


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