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As she was getting ready for the book launch yesterday my daughter, Dominique, said: “I am feeling so important today!”
“You should feel important every day,” I responded.
The book was inspired by my daughters words, providing testament that children do have a voice and that it can influence. Every child is and should feel important and every child deserves to be heard.
What messages have your children expressed lately?


From a Perceived Weakness Rises a Superpower!

My now eight-year-old daughter is often told that she is too sensitive.  But yesterday, she said she discovered it was her superpower.

“When others are sad, I feel sad,” she explained. “And when they are happy, I feel really happy.”

Owning it

She sees it as a strength.

She would be right. Empathy is often sorely lacking these days.  My super girl. SO proud!

Just Because I’m Short, It Doesn’t Mean I’m Small

Friends at school were trying to exclude my five-year-old from a game because they deemed her too small. She happened to be shorter than the other two girls involved. Feeling hurt and wanting to be included, she quickly noted: “Just because I’m short, it doesn’t mean I’m small.”

She added that she was as capable as the others. It was a big message.

Well done Isabella!

Nurturing creativity

In one of the most popular TED talks, Sir Ken Robinson explores how schools are affecting creativity. “You don’t grow into creativity, you grow out of it,” he notes.

An Open Forum

By exploring her own creativity, my daughter really came out of her shell. It made a tremendous difference in her self confidence. It is an aspect that should be considered and nurtured at a young age. I feel incredibly privileged to have been able to provide her that opportunity and to showcase it in this book. I will also highlight some of that work on the My Heart Never Lies Facebook page. I encourage everyone to use that forum to also showcase their children’s work. They have much to be proud of.